Your Community groups are Uniting on all fronts

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Gillitts Conservancy, Iphithi Nature Reserve and Gillitts Park Community Association have begun to work together for the benefit of all residents of Gillitts. While Iphithi has always been a part of the Conserancy and is indeed its flagship green area, it has been seen by many as an entirely separate reserve. Gillitts Park Community Association (GPCA), run by Jill Clark and her excellent group of volunteers, has been focusing on the safety of Gillitts. Our suburbs open spaces, in much need of preservation and upliftment, play a significant part of crime protection initiatives and to this end, GPCA will be assisting Gillitts Conservancy on many levels. The noticeboard in the carpark at Iphithi Nature Reserve has been handed over to GPCA and will help to keep residents updated. Gillitts Conservancy will also make use of this board as well as the board inside the gazebo within the grounds of Iphithi.

For all of our organisations to be successful we need as much resident support as possible. To become a pro-active member of your community please make use of the contacts below.

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