Iphithi Nature Reserve

Iphithi Nature Reserve

Iphithi Dam

Iphithi Dam

Iphithi Nature Reserve is a12 ha piece of precious natural area in the heart of the green and leafy suburb of Gillitts, tucked between Kloof and Hillcrest. The reserve was created 10 years ago by a group of residents who understood the enormous benefits a rehabilitated green space would offer to both residents and wildlife alike. 

The stream runs through the reserve, joining it at the top end in Edward Rd, collecting in a man-made dam in the one large open space in the reserve, and then on through a wetland before leaving the lower end of the reserve in Halstead Rd.

A mix of habitats can be enjoyed, from thicket, to woodland stream, young forest, and wetland zones. As these habitats continue to be rehabilitated, clearing out alien invasives and other exotics, an ever-increasing diversity of flora and fauna can be seen, from blue duiker, hedgehog, bushbuck, birds, butterflies, insects etc.

A system of pathways has been opened up through the reserve allowing the visitor to get to enjoy close-up, these different habitats and their corresponding flora and fauna, whilst at the same time, trying to minimise human impact on these natural areas.The dam area is grassed, creating a tranquil, picturesque spot where visitors can relax and connect with nature, before taking one of the walks around this quiet reserve

 Benefits of Iphithi

  • Opportunity for residents to connect with nature on their doorstep
  • Great bird watching venue.
  • A safe environment in which to enjoy a walk or to relax with family and friends around the dam.
  • Improves water and air quality of the area.
  • Offers sanctuary to wildlife from which local gardens can benefit.
  • Its continued control by residents helps to keep it clear of criminal elements.
  • Increases the value of surrounding properties.
  • A strong feeling of accomplishment that we are,  within our own suburb, helping to protect our environment and thus ourselves.

Mission statement:

  • To preserve the natural diversity of the area
  • To keep it clear of invasive aliens
  • To create a sanctuary for wildlife
  • To preserve the quality of the riparian area as it flows into the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.
  • To offer a natural environment from which local gardens can benefit.
  • To raise funds for the continued preservation of this natural heritage.
  • To encourage the local residents to understand the importance of and become involved in the preservation of Iphithi Nature Reserve.

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How you can help:

Support from local residents is vital to the continued success of Iphithi Nature Reserve and the benefits it generates for all the inhabitants of our beautiful suburb. We have a number of residents who very generously offer a monthly donation. Many visitors to the reserve give cash donations in the envelopes provided on the notice boards at the entrance to the reserve. All of this is very gratefully received and every sent is used exclusively for the upkeep of Iphithi.

To make your much-needed donation: 

Beneficiary: Iphithi Nature Reserve
Bank Name: FNB
Branch Name: Kloof
Branch No: 221 526
Cheque Account No: 620 339 250 35

Any offers of assistance in any other form are also very welcome. Please see contact details below:

Logo for t shirt printChairman: Martin Gardiner 083 235 5431/ gardiner@vodamail.co.za

Manager: Anno Torr 072 602 5610 iphithinr@gmail.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iphithi?ref=hl

Opening hours: For security reasons, the gate is closed at all times. Subscriber get automatic access. Non-subscribers/daily visitors: R10 entry, R10 exit via the Zapper QR code on the gate.

Directions: For written directions click here, otherwise click on the map below to view a larger image